October 31, 2009


Halloween! A perfectly ominous sky, shaky golden trees, and... seventy degrees? I watched a really terrible horror movie starring John Cusack last night. Ate a lot of ice cream. My roommate then put in Clue as a means of recovery, but by that point I started to fall asleep. What I really want to see is the new Lars Von Trier film, Antichrist. Even the trailer gives me the willies!

I don't feel like doing much today except reading my new John Connolly book and eating sour worms whilst listening to Alfred Hitchcock's Music To Be Murdered By. But of course, I have a dreadful amount of work to do, which I really ought to get done seeing as my mom is visiting next weekend- and I definitely won't want to do it then.

This time of year always reminds me of grade five, when me and two of my elementary school friends were obsessed with The Craft and believed quite vehemently that we had special powers. I miss that. And the lady on Victoria's street who used to hand out homemade playdoh and fudge every year, and how it was so hard to pick which one to take. And Devil's Night, oh Devil's Night, when all the most mischievous boys in town would sneak into the park and pile the picnic tables into an enormous pyramid. A sight to behold.

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  1. Oh, I used to be so into The Craft, too. I almost rented it the other day until I realized that I'd only be very, very disappointed with what it probably is versus what I remember it to be.