December 7, 2009

A peek at my thesis.

This is a reject from my senior thesis project. I'm really attached to it, but I understand why it needs to be edited out. Yesterday, working in the digital lab, my hard drive completely died. I just got the darn thing! I have the worst luck with technology. I went to Best Buy immediately to get it replaced, and it was all I could do not to yell and scream for the manager when they told me it would cost a ton of money to have information recovered. I dully glared at the guy and said "Really? I mean, really? I bought this less than a month ago." He was not very sympathetic. "This is our policy," he replied with a smile. Jerk! I lost three days worth of work, and am now totally off schedule. Ugh! I just want the semester to be over.

My birthday is later this week, and even though it's finals, nothing will deter me from celebrating (i.e. relaxing to the max!). I just found out my mom is having cupcakes sent to me, and I've got a whole pile of mail to open too! Can't wait!

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