April 19, 2010

Fran at Antique Row, 2005.

There is nothing I find quite so soothing as thrifting, flea-markets, digging in piles of discarded bric-a-brac, treasure hunting... Whatever you'd like to call it. Avoiding writing a rather depressing research paper, I found these photos of my old friend Fran on my hard drive. With school winding up to the pace of a jack rabbit on speed, I long for a lazy weekend getting lost in a cluster of antique shops. The story to that second photograph- I remember exactly that the old man pestered both of us "pretty young ladies" to try on his diamond necklaces. The one Fran has on in the picture he claimed was worth $38,000. He also claimed that he regularly lent his precious gems to women for the Oscars. It could have just been costume jewelry... But that's not nearly as exciting, is it?

Oh, and on the subject of vintage things- I'm really happy with how my vintage Etsy store is doing. I've only had a few sales so far, but I'm steadily getting more item views and hearts! Please take a look if you haven't already, and/or stop by the blog. Cheers!

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