September 6, 2010

Greetings from the Berkshires!

First week of working at MASS MoCA down! I have the next couple of days off so I'm going to take some time to better settle into my new digs. Intern housing is a bit of a fright-fest (footprints on the living room ceiling, anyone?), so I'm going to be doing some sprucing. So far Kidspace has been wonderful. The exhibit I've been overseeing during public hours (actually coming down tomorrow) is called You Art What You Eat! It's been a joy to be surrounded by such colorful, playful works of art. Although, admittedly, I'm always craving candy at the end of the day. In my spare time I've been reading up on gender in preparation for Kidspace's upcoming exhibit Color Forms: Pink & Blue project by Portia Munson. Munson is dealing with and challenging the traditional notions of pink and blue. I read an especially interesting article on gender-stereotyping in children's literature. More later! (From top: me being silly in front of a jello city by Liz Hickok, window installations by Luisa Caldwell, the MASS MoCA sign, and candy wrapper garland installations by Luisa Caldwell).

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