April 11, 2011

Make: Cup Flowers

These flowers are made entirely of clear and white plastic/paper cups! They are super easy to make. To inject some magic into any room or dinner party, make a dozen or so, drill holes in the center of each, and attach them to a short string of Christmas lights. Hang them from your ceiling, or lay them out down the length of your dining area- à la whimsical floral table-runner. This project is fun for little ones, too. I made hundreds of these at work with kindergarten, first, and second graders.

Materials: Plastic and/or paper cups of assorted sizes (party stores typically have the best selection of sizes, including tiny cups for condiments that work well as flower centers), sharp scissors, strong double-sided tape or heavy-duty glue, drill & Christmas lights (optional), LED lights (optional), paint (optional).

1. For a basic flower, cut strips down the sides of various sizes of cups. To get the strips to stay down, pinch them backwards. Experiment with different cutting techniques to achieve different looks; try cutting petal shapes instead of straight lines.
2. Once you have cut at least three cups of varying sizes, stack them together by size. Affix with double-sided tape or tacky glue. Sometimes the more you stack, the more awesome it can look! Just play around.
3. Optional- Use colored cups for a more colorful look, or try adding some painted accents.
4. Optional- Use a drill to make a hole in the center of your flowers. Affix Christmas lights through each hole.
5. Optional- For a sleeker table-runner look, purchase small LED lights for the center of each flower.

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