September 29, 2011

It seems that when I proclaim to the internet that I'm going to update my blog more frequently, the result is that I don't update my blog. And every time I come back, I unload a fury of excuses. But here's the thing- I have really good excuses this time. First, there was moving. My main complaint about my new place is location (my girlfriend now lives an hour away), so that's shifted my time priorities quite a lot. Girlfriend > blogging, obviously. Then, before I could blink, I started my new job. Starting a new job is strange. It's quite like being in a foreign country where you don't know the language, and you're just sort of teetering around inquisitively while you adjust to the jet lag, and the new smells, and sounds and colors...

I never really (and still haven't) had time to unpack or buy myself any furniture. So in the way of design updates, I don't have much to show. I have painted my room, but that's pretty much it. I won't bore you with a picture of a wall. To top it all off, I am potentially nuts because I accepted a part time job that I don't really need. Let's just say a certain mass market retailer seduces me with their goods. Uttered were the phrases "you're hired"/"the discount is phenomenal", and I was too weak to say no. Will it last? I would bet against myself, but I may as well get some discounted cashmere while still in the race!

Anyway. I like the changing of the seasons. I like going to order my morning chai and realizing that I suddenly want it hot instead of iced. Smelling falling leaves soothes my lately chaotic mind. Seeing gourds at the grocery store gives me a little thrill. I try to focus on the little thrills. Life is full of them, and it would be a mistake to take them for granted.

Be back soon whenever.

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