September 3, 2011

My week-long jaunt to New York was, undoubtedly, my most successful encounter with the city so far. In addition to chiroptophobia (fear of bats), I have possessed an irrational fear of New York since the first time I rode some sketchy Asian bus line there when I was 14. Several visits/major panic attacks later, I finally managed to have an okay time. The best thing was getting to see Keren, my former roommate and dear friend from my time in Paris. She lives in Tel Aviv, which is just too far away in my opinion. We stayed together- out of hurricane Irene's way- in a beautiful upper west side apartment that she was house-sitting. Highlights included a visit to the Museum of Art & Design, a late night showing of Our Idiot Brother (highly recommended!), scouring Pearl River and the MoCA design store, drooling over everything at A.P.C., and Irene Slumber Party 2k11 (complete with non stop food and naps).

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