October 25, 2011

Lately I've been dressing incredibly boring. And by lately I mean since I started my new job and started waking up at 6:30AM. Lack of sleep has me automatically reaching for the safest/most blah options in my closet. Knowing full well that I will likely be groggy and puffy eyed for at least part of the day, I avoid wearing anything cute. My reasoning goes like this- What's the point? Why stand out if I'm hardly awake? Better to blend into the office carpeting. At least that will reflect my state of mind. Am I the only person who reasons this way? I have been shunning bright colors, interesting jewelry, etc.

This is not something I am happy about. I want to be mindful of how I present myself to the world every day. I still love fashion just as much I always have. I still do that thing where I restyle strangers in my mind while riding public transportation. Except now, I cringe when I realize I could use a major restyle myself.

Perhaps this will all improve when summer is back. Yes, I already want summer back.

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