December 23, 2011

Everyone. Announcement. I got an iPhone. This is extremely thrilling. I've only had it about a week and I am already glued to it. It is like crack. I don't even care. I adore it. I want to buy it a cute knitted sweater to protect its beauteous yet vulnerable glass face. Perhaps something handmade from Etsy. My favorite app so far is probably Instagram. I can takes lots of photos of random stuff all the time. Like my cute boots. And my outfits. Vanity, thy name is Camera Phone!! How did I ever live without this thing? I don't have to call people and ask for directions when I randomly get lost! I don't have to write down Google maps instructions on a scrap of paper before leaving the house to go someplace new. I can call restaurants to make reservations without having to dial 411. I can check my bank account whenever I want (this one is big, I will take much better care of my checking account this way).

In other news, my brother and my dad are arriving into Boston today for the holiday weekend. I'm off to the airport to fetch Evan. Happy Christmas!

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