December 30, 2011

The holidays passed too fast, yet not fast enough. My apartment was too small to contain my family. I escaped Christmas Eve and danced it out at Machine. My brother got me a record player for Christmas, and my dad got me a working typewriter. I plan to get lots of 99 cent records from Goodwill and type many love letters in the new year.

After my dad left town my brother and I took the commuter rail to Salem. I had never been before. I was immediately caught up in the charm of everything. All the tiny white lights in the trees and the cobblestone streets and the nicknack shops reminded me of my hometown. We met up with Kate M. and went to a cute cafe called Gulu-Gulu. I got a raspberry UFO and a peanut butter/banana/honey crepe for lunch. It was all rather sickly sweet, but I have an iron stomach apparently.

Next the three of us visited the Peabody Essex Museum. There were some incredible antique shoes on display. Shoes like that just aren't made anymore. Or if they are, I sure can't afford them. I thought about who would have worn them. Maybe I will write a story about the pair with the tulle pompoms on my new typewriter. There was an interactive exhibit centered around water that I really enjoyed, as well.

On his last day in Boston I took Evan to the New England Aquarium and the ICA. We saw the baby penguins and the seals. Two of the baby penguins were actually hugging-- hugging, you guys, I am so serious. I would not joke about something that Youtube-worthy. For like ten minutes! I couldn't tear my eyes away, it was so heart-achingly adorable. I was tired by the time we got to the ICA (and had just gone there myself the week prior) so I let him wander around while I read in the cantilever and watched the sun go down over the water.

The benefits of working at a museum are vast, but I would have to say free admission to other museums tops the list. There are so many I can go to- and I can go as often as I want!

One of the last things we did was see the new Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie, which I hate to admit the Americans did better than the Swedish. Everything has come full circle in a sense; it was only a couple Christmases ago that I was cozied up by the fire reading the first of the Steig Larsson trilogy.

We squeezed in a lot. Evan is back in Louisville now and the only thing I didn't manage to tackle before returning to my job was the massive pile of laundry smelling up my closet. Oh, and I only just got around to deflating the blowup bed (he left two days ago). All that remains is a lot of roast beef and turkey in the fridge. And a little egg nog.

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