May 26, 2012

It seems summer is finally here! The apartment is always full of flowers thanks to my lovely roommate. Happy blooms and pleasant smells never fail to lift my spirits! Long days and more sunlight have me in a generally better mood most days. More light for making things (re: in progress- Sculpey necklaces). More light for lounging and reading on the porch. Easier to wake up and go to work. More energy in general.


  1. Your beads look great! I've been trying to achieve a similar mesh.

    1. Thanks! I'm happy with how they turned out. Need to pick up a clasp at the bead store and I think I'm going to string them on thin black leather. I enjoy your blog :) I've been super into block printing too lately. I just finished taking a night printmaking class with some friends. Been carving up a storm.