December 5, 2012

DIY Light Catchers

Materials:Embroidery hoop (the tiny ones work best), different tissue papers, scissors, yarn, contact paper
1. Make a design using your scissors and tissue. For the one on the left a hole punch was used to create the confetti look. I find it helps to trace your embroidery hoop onto a non stick surface so you have a guideline to work in.
2. Take a piece of contact paper and place it over your design. Lift carefully and put another sheet of contact paper over the back of your design, sandwiching it together.
3. Tighten your design into your embroidery hoop as you would fabric. This can be tricky, especially if your design is very thick. I suggest not using TOO many layers of tissue, otherwise it can be impossible to close the hoop properly.
4. Trim excess contact paper at the back of the hoop.
5. Hang with yarn or string in your window! All done! *For some variation add shredded metallic foil or glitter- could make a nice tree ornament.

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