January 2, 2013

I'm back from four days on Lake Huron. I hadn't been to my hometown in almost two years. I was honestly at the point where I was aching to be there. There is a part of me that will always belong to that place. I feel a gravitational pull to the water. I spent the entire time with family and my dog. It really couldn't have been a more relaxing, wonderful Christmas.

A new year is here. I've been making some big changes recently and I want the change to keep coming. I want to continue to make my own positive experiences. Yoga is something that has quickly become very important to me. I started at the end of September and now I practice as often as I can manage. If I haven't been for a while my body misses it and my emotional and mental state suffers. It brings a focus to my life that I have been craving for far too long. It brings quiet on days when my head is a hive of angry bees. Days when my chest is a water pipe under pressure.

I am formulating in my mind a set of intentions for 2013. I hesitate to call them resolutions for fear of sinking the ship before it sails. I am tempted to bypass the traditional bullet points of dos and don'ts that tend to set one up for failure, but I can't resist making some goals- nor can I resist the opportunity to write a list. Hurrah for lists! While it is true that all I feel certain of is the uncertainty of my future, here's what I have so far:

1. Create, create, create!
2. Be kinder to myself.
3. Take a class (or two or three) in something new or unfamiliar.
4. Stop buying cheap, disposable fashion.
5. Continue to dedicate time and patience to my yoga practice.

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