January 2, 2014


Oh, 2013. Where did you go? Let's be honest here. It was a hard year. The better part of the winter was spent hibernating, stressing out, and doing a lot of yoga in order to stay sane. In the spring, to put it delicately, I experienced a totally unplanned breakup with my first 9-5, where I had been for almost two years. I definitely wasn't in love, but I still got dumped. And my heart was broken.

Victoria on Lake Huron playing catch with Izzie.

I spent the summer rekindling my social life and navigating the depressing waters of unemployment. I went to Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine and nourished my admittedly fractured self with more art-making than I'd done since college. I spent much needed time at home in Ontario in August. I was blessed to find an amazing apartment in Somerville upon my return to Massachusetts in September. I painted. I nested. My quality of life began to approve. I knew I didn't want to look for a serious job again (still getting over the last one), so I decided to go back to retail, where I still am. It can be tedious, and boring, and it makes my feet hurt. But in general it's easy, and I know what to expect, and I don't have to think. Which is frankly what I need right now.

New home, chosen family.

And 2014? Well, in the fall I received the astonishingly good news of a two month scholarship to Penland Schools of Crafts in North Carolina. I will be leaving in early March. I am going to learn to... wait for... weave!!! I'm happy to say I started the year off with a bang, dancing 'til the wee hours. I plan to recommit to yoga, cook more healthy food, make more art, and cherish my friends. I plan to apply for a summer scholarship to Haystack again. Water the seeds and they shall surely grow. Maybe what blooms will be something quite unexpected. But isn't that the beauty of it?

A panoramic view of Penland.

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