April 26, 2014




Ah, Penland. Where the mountain weather is highly unpredictable and internet and cellphone reception are questionable at best. One of my weaving studio-mates, Camela, has gotten to calling the wireless hotspots "wireless lukewarm spots" instead. I'm in my final week of eight now, and I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown by. There are countless projects I still need to finish up. The entire concentration culminates in a live auction of donated works as well as a big show & tell so we can all share with one another what we've made. I'm going to get back to working on one of my final pieces now, but I will leave you with Allison, napping at her workspace (week 1?). Because let me tell you, weaving is HARD. And mentally exhausting. But oh, so gloriously satisfying. Two months later, and I basically feel like a god because I can make cloth with my hands. I am so in love with the process that I don't really want to waste precious last minutes with my loom writing about it. So, bye for now.


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