July 29, 2014

Keep on truckin'



I just don't know. This has been an overwhelming day. An overwhelming past several days, actually. I've mailed the last of my packages to be stored at my mom's. My room is empty and swept, ready for the next tenant. I went to 3 Little Figs one last time. True to my stubborn form and despite the fact that my suitcases are bursting at the seams, I hung out at Goodwill for a solid hour to calm my nerves after parting with some of the best people I know (I made a purchase.. Shhh..)

It won't be so long before I see some of them again- I will get visits and I will visit them, yes, but it's still all very strange. Boston has been my home for the past EIGHT YEARS. My entire "adult" life has been here (quotations to emphasize that I'm barely sure I am an adult most days). Many happy moments, many sad. Growth, growth, growth. There's a building in Brighton I scaled in a 1950s cocktail dress for a photograph in college. There's a street in Allston paved with my first real heartbreak. There's a studio apartment downtown where I fell in love one summer. And Somerville- endless, endless Somerville, with its wellspring of beautiful queers and countless memories of singing power-ballads in cars with the magic ones I chose to call my family.


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