February 19, 2016

 (Pictured: Master weaver Becky Ashenden's handwoven band samples)

On the 1st of this month I returned to Vavstuga in Shelburne Falls, and will be here for four months total participating in the Vavstuga Immersion Program. Unbelievably, week three is already coming to a close. Each day I rise around 8am and have some breakfast, tea, and time to myself before class begins at 9am. Class ends at four but we are allowed to weave until 9pm. Days are full of weaving, drafting classes, materials classes, and design classes. I'm also learning spinning (though most of the others are already very familiar), and bobbin lace making.

I am living together with four other women in a big yellow farm house, full of lovely wallpaper and many, many looms. We make meals together when we can. At night you can often find us around a crackling fire snuggled under handwoven blankets, drinking red wine, doing homework, carding wool, or practicing nålebinding- yet another skill I've delved into. It is a knotting technique that dates back to Viking times and is older than both knitting and crochet. And with that, I'd like to head back to the living room now... hot cocoa is calling my name this evening.


  1. It sure looks like it is a vävstuga in Sweden, and what a lovely place it sounds like.

    1. The teacher/owner of the school based it off a course she took in Sweden many decades ago :)